Editor: Masood Zangeneh, Ph.D.

Affiliation: Humber College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning, Canada

Editor: Mona Nouroozifar, M.B.A., Ph.D. student

Affiliation: Humber College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning, Canada

Editor: Priscilla Chou, BASc.

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Front Matter
Chapter One- The Frequency and Correlates of Mental Health Problems among Khaliji
Chapter Two- Mental health in Palestinian University Students: Challenges, Difficulties, and Sources of Resilience
Chapter Three- Learning Through Loss: The Impact on Student Retention for Grieving Students
Chapter Four- Madness, character, or pathology: Perceptions of Mental Illness in Medical Students
Chapter Five- Perfectionism, Self-esteem and Aggressiveness in Social Relationships in University Students
Chapter Six- Using Meaning-Centered Approach to Cultivate College Mental Health
Chapter Seven- Emotional Intelligence and Mental Health of Young Adults
Chapter Eight- The Association Between Religiosity and Life Satisfaction in Six Arab Countries
Chapter Nine- Mental Health of University Students: Perspectives from Jordan and the United Arab Emirates
Chapter Ten- The Importance of Social Connectedness for Self-regulation and Emotional Wellbeing: Expanding the Definition of the Construct
Chapter Eleven- The COVID-19 Pandemic’s Impact on Post-secondary Student Counselling Services
Chapter Twelve- The Impact of COVID-19 on Postsecondary Students
Chapter Thirteen- How Did Japanese University Students Survive the COVID-19 Pandemic?
Chapter Fourteen- COVID-19 in Canadian Colleges: The Drawbacks, Advantages, and Areas for Improvement in Crisis-Evolved Remote Learning
Chapter Fifteen- Mental Health Issues Among Iranian University Students During COVID- 19 Pandemic
Chapter Sixteen- Positive and Negative Aspects of University Students’ Experiencing the COVID-19 Pandemic in Slovenia
Chapter Seventeen- Student Online Learning Experience and Academic Resilience during COVID-19: Exploring the Role of Academic Self-efficacy and Perceived Social Support
Chapter Eighteen- The Mediating Roles of Maladaptive Gaming Cognitions and Purpose in Life in the Relationship Between Relatedness Need Dissatisfaction and Internet Gaming Disorder Among Chinese University Students
Chapter Nineteen- Addictive Behaviours and Family Relationship Among College Students During the Pandemic: A Cross-sectional Study in Indonesia
Chapter Twenty- Generalized Internet Addiction Among Chinese University Students: Associations with Internet Attitudes, Objectively Measured Smartphone Usage and Personality
Chapter Twenty-One- Lost In Transitions: A Review of Stressors and Mental Health Among International Students in the United States
Chapter Twenty-Two- The Lived Experience of how Punjabi International Students Navigate Mental Health Concerns at Ontario Post-Secondary Institutes
Chapter Twenty Three- Physical Activity Programming for Post-secondary Student Mental Health: Considerations for Research and Practice
Chapter Twenty-Four- The Improvement Effect of Exercise on College Students’ Internet Addiction
Chapter Twenty- Five- What Are We Waiting for? Addressing Wait Times in Post-secondary Student Mental Health Care
Chapter Twenty-Six- Mental Health on Canadian Post-Secondary Campuses: Reviewing the Status, the Impact, and a Proposal to Help
Chapter Twenty-Seven- Student Mental Health in Asia: Burden, Help-seeking Patterns, and Cultural Aspects
Chapter Twenty-Eight- A Review of Mental Health in Healthcare Students: Strategies and Suggestions
Chapter Twenty- Nine- Healthy Minds | Healthy Campuses (HM | HC): Promoting Mental Well-being Among Postsecondary Institutions in British Columbia
Chapter Thirty- The Mental Health of Indigenous Students in Canada and Beyond