Title: Poker playing among women: Understanding factors associated with gambling problems
Issue: 45
Authors: Adèle Morvannou, Sylvia Kairouz, Mélina Andronicos, Emilie Jobin, Djamal
Berbiche, & Magali Dufour
File: Adele-Morvannou-Sylvia-Kairouz-Melina-Andronicos-Emilie-Jobin-Djamal-Berbiche-Magali-DufourDownload
DOI: 10.4309/jgi.2020.45.2
Title: Return Rates of Online Slot Machines in Trial Mode Influence Players’ Errors of Estimation
Issue: 45
Authors: Daniel Lalande, Mathieu Emond, & Emilie Bélanger
File: Daniel-Lalande-Mathieu-Emond-Emilie-BelangerDownload
DOI: 10.4309/jgi.2020.45.1
Title: Associations Between Youth Unemployment and Underage Gambling in Europe
Issue: 45
Authors: Jessika Spångberg & Johan Svensson
File: Jessika-Spangberg-Johan-SvenssonDownload
DOI: 10.4309/jgi.2020.45.5
Title: Win Big Fast! An Evaluation of Mobile Applications Available in Australia for Problem Gambling
Issue: 45
Authors: Kelly Ridley, Amy Wiltshire, & Mathew Coleman
File: Kelly-Ridley-Amy-Wiltshire-Mathew-ColemanDownload
DOI: 10.4309/jgi.2020.45.6
Title: Scratch Card Game Type Impacts Psychophysiological Reactivity, but Not Subjective Evaluations of Experienced Outcomes
Issue: 45
Authors: Madison Stange, Michael Pinnau, & Michael Dixon
File: Madison-Stange-Michael-Pinnau-Michael-DixonDownload
DOI: 10.4309/jgi.2020.45.7
Title: The Efficacy of Personalized Feedback Interventions Delivered via Smartphone among At-Risk College Student Gamblers
Issue: 45
Authors: Nicholas W. McAfee, Matthew P. Martens, Tracy E. Herring, Stephanie K. Takamatsu, & Joanna M. Foss
File: Nicholas-W.-McAfee-Matthew-P.-Martens-Tracy-E.-Herring-Stephanie-K.-Takamatsu-Joanna-M.-FossDownload
DOI: 10.4309/jgi.2020.45.3
Title: Potential sources of bias in the reporting and interpretation of gambling research findings
Issue: 45
Authors: Paul Delfabbro, Daniel King, & Alex Blaszczynski
File: Paul-Delfabbro-Daniel-King-Alex-BlaszczynskiDownload
DOI: 10.4309/jgi.2020.45.10
Title: House-edge information yields lower subjective chances of winning than equivalent return-to-player percentages: New evidence from support forum participants
Issue: 45
Authors: Philip W.S. Newall, Lukasz Walasek, Elliot A. Ludvig, & Matthew J. Rockloff
File: Philip-W.S.-Newall-Lukasz-Walasek-Elliot-A.-Ludvig-Matthew-J.-RockloffDownload
DOI: 10.4309/jgi.2020.45.9
Title: Initial Usability and Feasibility of a Web-Based Behavioural Activation Program for Young Adults With Comorbid Depression and Problem Gambling: A Case Study and Case Series
Issue: 45
Authors: Sara J. Bartel, Anna Huguet, Sanjay Rao, Lori Wozney, Vanessa Varalli, Sharlene Rozari Patrick J. McGrath, Olga Kits, & Sherry H. Stewart
File: Bartel et al.
DOI: 10.4309/jgi.2020.45.8
Title: Core Competencies for Disordered Gambling Counsellors: A Modified Delphi Study
Issue: 45
Authors: Teresa McDowell, Jeffrey K. Christensen, & Iva Košutic
File: Teresa-McDowellDownload
DOI: 10.4309/jgi.2020.45.4