Title: Introducing our new Editor-in-Chief and a Special Issue on Problem Video Gaming and Technology Use
Issue: 42
Authors: Editorial Team
File: JGI-Editorial-TeamDownload
DOI: 10.4309/jgi.2019.42.1
Title: That’s what you get for waking up in Vegas: Fatigue and alcohol consumption are associated
with the duration of gambling sessions
Issue: 42
Authors: Hannah Briony Thorne, Matthew Browne, Matthew Justus Rockloff, & Sally Anne Ferguson
File: Hannah-Briony-Thorne-Matthew-Browne-Matthew-Justus-Rockloff-Sally-Anne-FergusonDownload
DOI: 10.4309/jgi.2019.42.8
Title: L’illusion de contrôle liée au jeu auprès d’universitaires: le bénéfice du doute? / The Illusion of Control in Gambling among University Students: The Benefit of the Doubt?
Issue: 42
Authors: Isabelle Smith & Isabelle Giroux
File: Isabelle-Smith-Isabelle-Giroux-1Download
DOI: 10.4309/jgi.2019.42.6
Title: Reflections on Poverty, Homelessness, and Problem Gambling: Discoveries from a World Café
Issue: 42
Authors: Eden Hamilton Wright, Julia Woodhall-Melnik, Sarah Hamilton-Wright, Sara J.T. Guilcher, Aklilu Wendaferew, Andrée Schuler, & Flora I. Matheson
File: Julia-Woodhall-Melnik-et-al.Download
DOI: 10.4309/jgi.2019.42.4
Title: Promoting Cross-Sector Collaboration and Input into Care Planning Via an Integrated Problem Gambling and Mental Health Service
Issue: 42
Authors: Laura E. McCartney, Vicky Northe, Susannah Gordon, Evan Symons, Robert Shields, Anthony Kennedy, & Stuart J. Lee
File: Laura-E-McCartney-Vicky-Northe-Susannah-Gordon-Evan-Symons-Robert-Shields-Anthony-Kennedy-Stuart-J-LeeDownload
DOI: 10.4309/jgi.2019.42.7
Title: Hey Big Spender: An Ecological Momentary Assessment of Sports and Race Betting Expenditure by Gambler Characteristics
Issue: 42
Authors: Nerilee Hing, Alex M. T. Russell, Anna Thomas, & Rebecca Jenkinson
File: Nerilee-Hing-Alex-MT-Russell-Anna-Thomas-Rebecca-JenkinsonDownload
DOI: 10.4309/jgi.2019.42.3
Title: Learning Poker in Different Communities of Practice: A Qualitative Analysis of Poker Players’ Learning Processes and the Norms in Different Learning Communities
Issue: 42
Author: Niri Talberg
File: Niri-TalbergDownload
DOI: 10.4309/jgi.2019.42.2
Title: Powerless yet powerful: The duality of everyday life of partners of persons with gambling problems
Issue: 42
Authors: Trude Klevan, Vibeke Krane, & Bente Weimand
File: Trude-Klevan-Vibeke-Krane-Bente-WeimandDownload
DOI: 10.4309/jgi.2019.42.5