Title: Publishing Addiction Science
Issue: 22
Author: Daryl Boshart
File: Daryl-Boshart-1-1Download
DOI: 10.4309/jgi.2008.22.13

Book Review

Title: Resorting to Casinos: The Mississippi Gambling Industry
Issue: 22
Author: Dean R. Gerstein
File: Dean-R.-Gerstein
DOI: 10.4309/jgi.2008.22.10
Title: Never Enough: One Lawyer’s True Story of How He Gambled His Career Away
Issue: 22
Author: William N. Thompson
File: William-N.-Thompson
DOI: 10.4309/jgi.2008.22.11
Title: Gripped by Gambling
Issue: 22
Author: Roberta Boughton
File: Roberta-Boughton
DOI: 10.4309/jgi.2008.22.9

Title: Inconsistency between concept and measurement: The Canadian Problem Gambling Index (CPGI)
Issue: 22
Authors: Elena Svetieva Michael Walker
File: Elena-Svetieva-Michael-Walker
DOI: 10.4309/jgi.2008.22.2
Title: Consequences of pathological gambling on the gambler and his spouse
Issue: 22
Authors: Francine Ferland, Patricia-Maude Fournier, Robert Ladouceur, Priscilla Brochu, Michaël Bouchard, & Lindy Pâquet
File: Ferland et al.
DOI: 10.4309/jgi.2008.22.5
Title: A thematic analysis identifying concepts of problem gambling agency: With preliminary exploration of discourses in selected industry and research documents
Issue: 22
Author: Jennifer Borrell
File: Jennifer-Borrell
DOI: 10.4309/jgi.2008.22.4
Title: All in! The commercial advertising of offshore gambling on television
Issue: 22
Authors: John L. McMullan Delthia Miller
File: John-L.-McMullan-Delthia-Miller
DOI: 10.4309/jgi.2008.22.6
Title: Correlates of gambling-related problems among older adults in Ontario
Issue: 22
Authors: John McCready, Robert E. Mann, Jinhui Zhao, Robert Eves
File: McCready et al.
DOI: 10.4309/jgi.2008.22.3
Title: Group therapy for women problem gamblers: A space of their own
Issue: 22
Authors: Noëlla Piquette-Tomei, Erika Norman, Sonya Corbin Dwyer, & Evelyn McCaslin
File: Piquette-Tomei et al.
DOI: 10.4309/jgi.2008.22.8
Title: Impact of gambling advertisements and marketing on children and adolescents: Policy recommendations to minimise harm
Issue: 22
Authors: Sally Monaghan, Jeffrey Derevensky, & Alyssa Sklar
File: Monaghan et al.
DOI: 10.4309/jgi.2008.22.7


Title: Reflections on Responsibility
Issue: 22
Authors: Gerda Reith
File: Gerda-Reith
DOI: 10.4309/jgi.2008.22.12